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Pierre Coutzee

Senior Diver and Supervisor

Pierre is our Senior Diver and Supervisor for the Diving team. With diving experience of 19 years, he will be ensuring that our diving team only delivers the highest quality & best service. Ranging from inshore and offshore diving, there is no dive job too big or too small that he is not able to tackle.



Commercial Diver

Luan is the first commercial diver to join the Dynamic team. Luan is the Swiss army knife of the underwater world, being a commercial diver he specializes in all types of underwater works. From maintenance to video and photo surveys to inspections or welding underwater he does it all.



Commercial Diver

Mark has been in the diving industry for 11 years as a commercial diver and a DMT Dive medic. He is a responsible, reliable and energetic diver with extensive experience in inshore and offshore diving. Mark completes all tasks with attention to detail and an unyielding dedication to quality and safety.


Claudius Willemse

Commercial Diver

Claudius is a dynamic and accomplished commercial diver with 10 years of experience. He is professional and a dedicated team member striving to provide the perfect end product for the customer. Claudius is accustomed to working in fast paced environments while staying diligent in monitoring communication to support optimum diving conditions.


Nick van Schalkwyk

Commercial Diver

Nick is a class 2 diver with 8 years' diving experience. His experience varies between large vessels and oil rigs. Nick is highly motivated, focused and adaptable. He instills confidence in others and approaches, new challenges with an open mind.

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